Psyleron Newsletter: December 2008

Psyleron Newsletter: December 2008

Big Psyleron Updates!
from John C. Valentino, CEO
In the past year a lot has happened at Psyleron. We began operating in 2005 with the goal of providing research equipment and technology to the general public, and since then we have learned a great deal about mind-matter interaction. Recently we have been expanding in new and exciting ways. About a month ago, we moved into a new facility in Princeton, and we have begun to introduce a new line of products meant to aid in demonstrating and exploring the mind-matter connection. 

In the spirit of our original goal, we offer these products as bridges between scientific research and experiential understanding of consciousness correlated physical effects.  They are grounded in technologies and processes that have statistical outcomes suitable for analysis by clever experimenters – but are also quite capable of providing users with an enjoyable way to better understand themselves and the impact that their mind has on the physical world.  Some of them even make great gifts. 

Psyleron "Mind Lamp"
Psyleron Standalone Devices
The Mind Lamp is an attractive desk lamp that changes color based on the output of an internal random event generator. It was created for individuals who want to be able to explore consciousness related effects without any prior knowledge of statistics or the need for a personal computer. In our preliminary explorations with experienced REG operators, some have reported that the “real world” nature of the device lends itself to more exciting results than a computer based REG.  Click here for more information about the Mind Lamp, or to order your own. Click Here for more info and to order!

Below are just a few examples of the colors that the lamp changes into.

"Mobile Alerter Service"
Coming Soon!
We will soon be unveiling an online service that uses REGs to send customized messages to your cell phone. We've had some very interesting "synchronistic" experiences using it in our testing stage. We will send more about the "Mobile Alerter Service" in our next newsletter.

Psyleron Online Community
REG user community
For current REG-1 users, the Psyleron community has been evolving from a simple data uploading site to a place where users can share their experiences and ideas relating to mind-matter experiments and the nature of physical reality. If you already have an REG-1, be sure to download the latest software and Contact Psyleron if you are interested in participating with individuals who share your interest.

Psyleron Headquarters
New Psyleron facility
 As part of our plans for continued research and educational outreach, Herb Mertz, a Psyleron co-founder, has purchased a building in Princeton to house the joint efforts of Psyleron and ICRL. Located a few blocks from the University on Harrison St., we are planning to use the new space to continue our formal research program, to provide educational materials and workshops to the public, and to test new products. If you are interested in visiting or generating data sometime after the new year, please Contact Us.

Contacting Us
New Psyleron facility
We invite your questions or inquiries about our activities and products. If you would like to know more about what we are doing or if you have any suggestions about how we can better explain our products and concepts, please send us an e-mail. 

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Big Psyleron Updates
Psyleron "Mind Lamp"
Online Alerter
Psyleron Online Community
New Headquarters

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Psyleron Newsletter - December 2008

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