Psyleron Newsletter: January 2009

Psyleron Newsletter: January 2009

Happy New Year!
From CEO John C. Valentino
From all of us at Psyleron, we thank you for helping to make 2008 a big year for us, and want to wish each of you the very best in 2009. Happy New Year!

Introducing SyncTXT!
New Mobile Service from Psyleron
Psyleron has just released a new mobile service, SyncTXT! SyncTXT uses the power of your subconscious mind, Psyleron random event generators, and your mobile phone to send you meaningful and often synchronistic text messages!

SyncTXT builds on our understanding that the subconscious mind might be the most critical aspect behind mind-matter interaction. By creating an account with SyncTXT, you can explore the phenomena yourself.

How It Works...

1. Research shows your subconscious mind can influence quantum physical events, even at a distance.
2. When you sign up for SyncTXT, a random event generator (REG) which produces quantum physical events, will be assigned to you. Our computers then measure these events, searching for patterns related to subconscious influence. When a pattern is detected, our computers send you a custom text message (written by you) to your mobile phone. These messages can also be sent to your email.
3. Due to the influence of your subconscious mind, text messages are more likely to arrive at personally meaningful times.

Example Uses
Writer: A writer might be looking for good ideas for his next book, and enter a message that says, "This should be in your story..." When the writer encounters something in his daily life that's a good idea for a book, his subconscious could influence the REG, and he would receive the message telling him to pay attention.

Meditator: A meditator might want to practice being present and aware in her daily life. So she might enter a message that says, "Stay Mindful." She will then get the message on her cell phone occasionally throughout the day - possibly at just the right time!

Law of Attraction User: Someone who is trying "law of attraction" can enter messages to help them stay focused on their goal. They might enter, "Be thankful," "love yourself," or even, "Remember your goals, keep them close at hand!"

Here are a few recent user experiences with SyncTXT:
"When I signed up for SyncTXT, I added a message that said, 'Be Here Now' to remind me to be present and aware (something my yoga teacher told us to practice). It seems like I get this message more often when I'm ungrounded or unfocused. In other words, I seem to get it when I really need to hear it."

"We were running a little late for the airport, and my friend was completely stressing out. I felt completely fine and 'knew' we had enough time to get there. But, I needed some reassurance for my friend. Right then, I received a SyncTXT message saying 'Relax'. We both laughed at the coincidence, calmed down, and in the end, arrived early to the airport."

As always, just contact us if you have any questions, or visit for more information.

Contacting Us
Call or Email
We invite your questions or inquiries about our activities and products. If you would like to know more about what we are doing or if you have any suggestions about how we can better explain our products and concepts, please send us an email.

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Happy New Year
Introducing SyncTXT
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Psyleron Newsletter - January 2009

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