Community State: The Community is undergoing Alpha Testing.  Many planned features are now functional, as well as several new ones, such as customizable user profiles.  The Community should be fully completed this summer.

One of our earliest realizations at Psyleron was that the effects of consciousness do not always behave the same way in the home as they do in the lab. As we used REG devices and PEAR protocols ourselves, and as our users reported back to us, it became clear that there were consistent trends and patterns in the data that might not have been found in a laboratory environment. We also realized that individuals seemed to produce better results and get more from their experience as they interacted with others who were taking part in the same process.

As such, the purpose of the Psyleron Community is to facilitate discussion and exploration of consciousness-related topics, specifically but not limited to the context of REG experiments. The Community also has the dual purpose of allowing users to conduct their own research and to share data and hypotheses with a group.

Features of the Psyleron Community include:

  • Data Sharing
  • Online Analysis (Coming Soon)
  • Discussion Boards and Private Messaging
  • Announcements
  • Product and Software Updates
  • Free Data Review
  • Educational and Informational Materials
  • (Coming Soon)

If you have any feature suggestions or requests, let us know at

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