The Psyleron Applications SDK (Version 1.0) contains an API which makes it possible to get bits or bytes of data from one or more locally connected REG-1 devices in real time.

The API comes in the form of a C header file and a Win32 DLL file. API functionality can be accessed through the DLL by any programming language. Examples are provided in C and Visual Basic (as a project for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003).

Future versions of the SDK will make it possible to upload qualified data to the Psyleron Online Community, to use application-specific processing methods, and to access data stored in Psyleron's secure data exchange format.

License Information: The SDK included with the REG-1 package is for personal use only. If you are interested in using REG-1 devices and the API for a research, commercial, or for-profit project, please contact Psyleron for more information about other licensing options and how our technology might help your project.

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