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REG-1 Aluminum Case
REG-1 Aluminum Case

Psyleron is a technology company and research organization that explores the connection between the mind and the physical world. Discoveries made at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory have shown that consciousness and intention can influence the behavior of quantum electronic devices known as "Random Event Generators" (REGs) or "Random Number Generators." Psyleron was founded by PEAR scientists and associates for the purpose of providing tools that enable ongoing research and personal exploration of mind-matter effects.

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Mind Over Matter
The Mind Lamp - REG-Driven Lamp

The Mind Lamp is a color-changing ambient device that can respond to human intention and group consciousness. The lamp combines a Psyleron true random event generator with algorithms and visual feedback designed to elicit a response from human consciousness. Whether used as a decorative centerpiece, a meditation tool, or a group game, the lamp is an engaging yet relaxing way to explore mind-matter interaction.

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SyncTXT: Remote REG Influence - REG SMS Text Messages
SyncTXT: The Mobile REG Application

SyncTXT is a new service from Psyleron that allows subscribers to explore the world of synchronicity and meaningful coincidence with a mobile phone. SyncTXT uses Random Event Generators to send customizable SMS (text) messages to the user. Because the user's subconscious can influence REGs at a distance, these SMS messages can arrive at sychronistic (useful or meaningful) times.

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The Psyleron REG-1 exploration kit was designed to allow individuals and researchers to conduct their own experiments in direct mind-matter interaction. The package includes a USB-based true random event generator and software, documentation, and data analysis tools. Some versions of the package also include a software development kit for creating custom applications. All packages make it possible to conduct basic PEAR type experiments out of the box.

Find out more about the REG-1. Read about the device, its features, software applications, and what others are saying.

Learn more about the research and empirical evidence suggesting that consciousness can influence the physical world.

This video is sampled from The PEAR Proposition DVD set, an eight-hour overview of the research conducted at the PEAR lab that provides a more detailed understanding of the twenty-eight year history of this work.

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